2021 All-New NioEC6 Auto Parking and Test Drive Video From Xi'an China

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Hi there
Yesterday went to Nio House and shoot 2021 All-New NioEC6 Auto parking and a test drive video with 2 of my Chinese friends. They helped us to know about the car and showed us the automatic parking system.

Here are some basic information about this car
1: Range: 430/430km
2: Battery pack:70/80kw
3:Acceleration speed: 0-100( 5.4 sec) but they also have another high-performance car that one 0-100(4.5 sec)
4: Price:350k-400k RMB/ 50,000-55,000 USD

Question and Answer
1: Does it come with air suspension?
Ans: The one we drove Range 440km doesn't have Air suspension
But High performance one Range 615km has Air Suspension

2:How nice are the door handles on the outside of the car? Does it seem to be week/ high quality?
Ans: High quality

3:Acceleration speed 0-100 how long does it take? how did u feel?
Ans: 5.4 sec

4: How nice are the braking system?
Ans: NIO did great work on the ec6 braking system

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