Audi Q3 Sportback Review Any Auto

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We drive Audi's New Q3 Sportback
Is there AWD to be had?
Q3 Sportback QUATTRO AWD in the 40TFSI, but the 35 TFSI misses out. That’s a shame, but you only notice it on wet roads.
Front wheel drive scrambles for grip. As the weather turns septic. Never fear, as the bucking starts at the front, the dash lights up like a Christmas tree. The nannies have kicked in to sort out your misdemeanour..
Is the cabin comortable?
Even in entry level Audi, you expect a cert level of luxury, and it certainly delivers.
Powered front seats are, come with heating, lumbar support, and a nifty pull-out extension for the front of the seat cushion. That’s excellent for longer legged drivers.
Dual climate settings have a sync feature. Most functions are controlled through the touch-screen MMI system, and the drivers scores a fully-digital LCD dash. It can display navigation maps among other things.
Rear seats split 40/20/40 for those who like a ski or two. Ride is good, and the 19” wheels look classy. I don’t know why people like big wheels when smaller ones ride better, but fashion is fashion.
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