Mark Spiegel Interview - Tesla, Bubbles, Inflation & Gold!

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Mark Spiegel is the portfolio manager for Stanphyl Capital, and a value investor who has been short Tesla for the last several years. Today we discussed the bear case for Tesla, cryptocurrencies, inflation, and precious metals among other things.

00:00 Intro
0:55 Mark's macro view & positioning
7:22 When does Tesla collapse?
11:47 Tesla's gamma squeeze
13:30 Is Tesla a tech company?
18:15 Can Tesla catch up to valuation?
21:40 Crypto - a limitless supply of nothing
26:11 What could pop these bubbles?
30:46 Not everything is "the next Amazon"
32:32 How gold could become a bubble
39:56 Gold ETF or miners?
40:44 Is NYC improving?
43:21 When does perception of inflation shift?

I am not a financial advisor, and it is only my opinions and interpretations I offer. You need to fully understand and investigate any investment decisions you make.

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